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Emanagementcorp offer clients a comprehensive range of customised fully Responsive Mobile Platforms for your business organisation or charity. Now up to 70% of all online activity is viewed on Mobile Phones and Tablets and if your website is not fully responsive not only will potential and current clients have a hard time viewing your web site but your site will also be penalised by Google and other search engines and make it harder to find your site on mobile searches which will affect your overall rankings and traffic.
A fully responsive web site is able to be viewed on a large screen TV or a Desktop Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Mini Tablet and Mobile Phone both vertically and horizontally without changing over to a completely different web site. Your main website is created with coding that changes the sites index, design and feel depending on which device it's being viewed on. Our expert webmasters and coders provide cutting edge technology with high standard design to create the optimum usability or interface with your customers and potential customers.
If you need help creating a new fully responsive mobile device design package or if you just want to update your site you can contact our free support desk for immediate assistance.   can contact our free support desk for immediate assistance.

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''Over 90% of our marketing is now web based and we have a very widely established network of web sites which would have been a pipe dream without the strategies offered by Michael & the team at Emanagementcorp. We're now able to compete with the big boys and can create new clients with a few strokes of the keyboard & so keep our staff at optimum work load. We have literally 100's of No. 1 & top 5 ranked listings on all major search engines and are very well set online for the foreseeable future.''

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* Up to 70% of all online activity is now
viewed on Mobile Phones and Tablets.
* Up to 30% of all business connections made online with Mobile Phones and Tablets are initiated through social media.

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