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Here at Emanagementcorp we specialise in creating customised eBay store designs to take your business to the next level and really stand out on the online eBay platform. Want to get more out of your eBay marketplace? Get an innovative and well managed eBay store to attract more customers, boost sales and improve customer retention.
Custom eBay Store Design is something essential to grow your eBay business...
eBay Store design is a great way to reach customers and instantly start selling to a global market place. eBay is on of the most competitive and successful market place on the net allowing sellers to access thousands of customers and this is why it�s incredibly important to look professional.
Increase your buyer confidence and sell more with a professionally designed eBay Store. We develop custom eBay store designs for eBay sellers who are looking for an edge on their competitors.
All of our listing templates are unique and created from your concepts or you can leave it up to our team of designers who can create you the perfect store front.
Having a professional store front means your customers can easily navigate around and find the products they need, which means more sales for you. Also because they can easily navigate around they also have less questions which means you can spend more time on working on your business rather than in it.
Our designers use the absolute newest technology available to develop your eBay store design to ensure that it ranks higher in search results and attracts more customers�.and again this means more customers & means more sales!
There are so many amazing benefits to having an eBay store designed, here�s just a few...
* Customised eBay Store Design
   This means we will never create the same store for two companies so you stand out in the crowd and accelerate your sales.
* Flash Header Integration
   This gives your store a more professional look so you are seen as a serious eBay seller on the platform.

* Cross Promotion of Products
   To increase sales as your customers can always see your other items for sale�we love this as it encourages multiple buys.


* Installation
   Leave it up to us to integrate your store front for you, which means you don�t have to worry about knowing any
* Multi Browser Compatibility
This means you can use a range of third party listing programs simply easily.

* Dynamic Store Categories
   Which means your customers can navigate around your store with speed and efficiency and find
what they need easily.
* Custom Pages
   For all your extra needs FAQ�s, Terms and Conditions, Refunds etc, the more info you have easily accessible to
your buyer the
   less questions you will have to ask.
* Strong Brand Recognition
   Make your brand well known and strong on the eBay, we can even match your company designs and use your current logos.

* Promotional Boxes
   We can feature your advertisements or promotions for better marketing and to increase more sales
* Social Media Integration
   It�s simple really if your not on social media to market your business your behind the times, we make sure your customers can
   find you on all your online marketing channels, YouTube, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc
Did you know that studies show that visitors to any eBay store will leave within 5 seconds if they can�t find anything that interests them or if the store is complicated or difficult to navigate around. A professional looking and functional eBay store design improves your business on eBay by, on average, 35%�wow that�s a lot more revenue you could be missing out on!
So if you want to watch your eBay business AND income grow, choose Emanagementcorp to help you reach your eBay success!




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See what out what our clients have to say...
''Thankyou so much Rachelle for setting up my eBay business. It was a pleasure to work with you and my eBay site looks amazing and is easy for my buyers to use. You did so much more for me to make sure my business would be a success and I thankyou for that. Your design work is very creative & your coaching incredibly valuable. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to have be successful & set up their business in a professional way on the eBay platform.''

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